Golf Clinic


Tony Meechai, is Thailand’s most popular and well-known Golf Teaching Pros. He was born & brought up in the United States of America and with his illustrious teaching career that began at Cog Hill Golf Club in Chicago, Illinois and leading up to him growing the game of golf in Asia with Heartland Golf Schools, Meechai directed the development of more than hundreds of thousands of junior and adult golfers. As part of the Rising Stars Golf Trophy, the participants get to have an exclusive clinic with Tony Meechai.

The attitude of Tony is very simple: The game of golf can enrich your life forever and bring you much happiness in many ways!  Tony Meechai has been doing it for more than 20 years – first as a junior golfer, himself, in the United States while attending the prestigious New Mexico State University PGA Golf Management Program, then as a US PGA Professional. And, eventually, as Asia’s leading golf teaching professional storied over 15 years that began at Heartland Golf Schools.

Now, Meechai is taking his proven “Experience the Magic of Golf” philosophy to even higher levels with Tony Meechai Golf (TMG).  The TMG Tony Meechai 1000serves as a golf education center and has a global network that spans from the United States, Canada and Australia.  The popular International Preparatory Program is the development grounds for junior, college and professional golfers. Personally developed and directed by Meechai, his signature “Experience the Magic of Golf” program is designed to boost development so students can have an authentic experience with the game of golf that lasts a lifetime.

Ultimately, the TMG Academy International Preparatory Program’s goal is to serve as an “incubator” ground for champions and train and develop student-athletes in the best they can be – both in golf and in life!  “Each student shares with us their goals and it’s our duty to guide them through a comprehensive training program that will elevate their golf skill levels and educate him or her on the process of achieving their goals,” says Meechai, who grew up in Red Bud, Illinois (USA) and participating in junior golf development programs. “Our mission is to prepare students physically and mentally with golf and life skills so that opportunities open up for them to assist in reaching their goals!”  So far, Meechai’s mission is producing remarkable results. He has guided students in reaching college golf scholarships and prepared them for many golfing opportunities including competitions and higher education.